Supporting the Ventilator Project

Teepee Electrical Gets the Call to Support the UK’s Ventilator Project


As lockdown eases across the UK and workers return to their jobs, Teepee Electrical takes a big sigh of relief.  Not because it has returned to work, but because after an extremely hectic period during lockdown it can now focus its attention to the rest of its customer-base as demand builds.

The majority of Teepee’s dedicated and fantastic employees have worked throughout lockdown and even gave up some of their Easter holiday to build urgent wiring harnesses for Ambulances and Police cars.

Then came the call to manufacture a quantity of cable assemblies for the Ventilator Challenge UK project, a consortium of significant UK industrial, technology and engineering businesses from across the aerospace, automotive and medical sectors, who came together to produce medical ventilators for the NHS.

Companies in the consortium received formal orders from the UK Government for in excess of 15,000 ventilators.

The consortium were tasked to accelerate production of two agreed designs, based on existing technologies, which could be assembled from materials and parts in current production.

Teepee put a dedicated ventilator team in place and built 5,200 cable assemblies in a matter of weeks. This contributed to the consortium build of 1,500 ventilators per week, which compared with the normal production of 50 – 60 units.

Steve Clarke, Teepee’s MD said “we are proud that Teepee was given this wonderful opportunity to support the NHS and play its part in saving lives”.

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