design and development

Teepee Electrical utilises VeSys software for design and development purposes.

We work closely with our customers to refine, where necessary, their harness design and can quickly make changes to the associated bill of materials by the use of VeSys software.

If you are interested in our design and development services and would like to discuss further – click here to contact us.

VeSys Design provides a rapid and intuitive wiring design tool for the creation of wiring diagrams and service documentation with integrated simulation facilities that can validate the design as it’s created, ensuring a high quality design with less risk of rework when the first prototypes are tested.

VeSys Harness provides a rapid and intuitive harness and form-board design tool with automated part selector and manufacturing report generation that speeds the design time and automates many steps in the design process.

Using Vesys Harness software also allows us to share with customers, drawing packs and wire connector views, for use in own production facility and Vehicle Manuals giving further added value and advantages from that of the competition. If you would more information about our services, click here to get in touch.

Specialists electrical software looms & cable loom design for over 25 years,
Teepee Electrical’s capabilities also include cable harnesses, panel assemblies and prototypes