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The Importance of Renewable Energy

With Teepee’s ongoing service in providing green energy source providers with quality wiring harness solutions, we look at the importance of renewables on a national and global scale. Using renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels provides a considerable amount of advantages – both environmental and socio-economic.

Why it is a Vital Alternative?

The use of fossil fuels results in a concerning amount of greenhouse gas emissions, contributing to the ongoing concern of global warming. In most scenarios, the utilisation of renewable energy will result in little to no emissions, reducing pollution and improving the health of the general public. A Global rise in fossil fuel-based transport, burning of waste, power generation and industrial usage contributes to increased levels of pollution worldwide in developing countries.


Using renewable energy results in lower costs and more stable energy prices, leading to increased job opportunities and development of local industry. Teepee Electrical provide wire harnessing services to wind turbine manufacturers who’s technology can provide an unlimited, renewable natural resource, a low maintenance cost and economic value. An unlimited and free resource, the wind is a natural occurrence and utilising its power is a clean, green and safe way to generate electricity.

Renewable energy enhances reliability and durability of energy systems and in many parts of the world, represents a low cost source of new power generation technology. Once renewable energy sources such as turbines are installed, maintenance cost is extremely low and after researching open areas with adequate wind – they can be placed in many desired, unpopulated areas. This can include offshore, where wind strength is stronger and more predictable … providing a smoother, steadier solution than land based wind power sources.

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